Manga Studio help and info

  • What is Manga Studio?

    This is special software that is used to digitally create comics, especially those of the manga genre. The software comes with a large number of useful tools that help to make creating digital artwork very easy.

  • Is Manga Studio Free?

    A demo version of the software is free to download free of charge. This gives users the chance to put the software through its paces before deciding whether or not they want to pay out to use the full version.

  • Is Manga Studio the Same as Clip Studio Paint?

    This is the North American name for Clip Studio Paint. Both the versions of the software are identical, although throughout Europe it is more commonly known as Clip Studio Paint and the way that the versions of the software are marketed are slightly different in order to appeal to different markets.

  • What Types of Tools Does Manga Studio Come With?

    Users of this special software will find a huge range of tools right at their fingertips. These include tools that allow users to create panel layouts as well as sketching, perspective rulers, applying textures and tones, inking, colouring and creating captions and word balloons.

  • Is Manga Studio Better than Photoshop?

    The software comes with virtually all of the features and tools that Adobe Photoshop offers. However, the main difference is that the software has been created especially for people who want to create their own comics and many of the tools are specifically tailored to this purpose.

  • What are Manga Studio Sample Materials?

    These are special resources that can be used with the software. The software comes complete with a resource management tool that can download various types of resources such as textures, shapes, and 3d models and all of these resources are commonly referred to as materials.

  • Can You Animate in Manga Studio?

    The software excels when it comes to frame by frame animation. This means that users will be able to see their comic pages come to life and visualise them in a whole new way without having to purchase additional software.

  • Does Manga Studio Work with Mac?

    A special version of the software has been created especially to work with Mac. There are several different versions to choose from such as OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 as well as newer versions.

  • Is Manga Studio Installed on Tablets?

    The software is fully compatible with all of the most popular tablets and many users are likely to find that creating artwork is even easier on a tablet than on a PC or laptop. The touchscreen makes it especially easy for users to zoom in and out of areas of their comic pages that they want to work on, while adding minute details is flawless when using a tablet.

  • What is Manga Studio Ex?

    This is an enhanced version of the software that has been created especially for professional comic book artists. Although this version of the software comes at a slightly higher price, the number of extra tools that it comes with more than makes up for this.

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